MDPC - Maritime Disaster Prevention Center

Chemical Incidents Emergency Response service

Chemical Incidents Emergency Response service

Maritime Disaster Safety Service (MDSS)

If oil or Hazardous Noxious Substance (HNS) such as gasoline, benzene, xylene and vegetable oil spill occurs and leak out into the waters of Japan,
it is required by Japanese domestic law that the pollutershall take appropriate spill response operation.
MDPC has made a standby contract with each petrochemical
complexes to provide not only an incident response but also table top exercises, field hands-on training to improve the complex
incident response capability. In case of HNS spill, MDPC gets dispatched to the site and will handle the incident on behalf of the polluter.

Hazardous Material Emergency Response Service (HAZMATers)

HAZMATers is defined as, HM Emergency Response Service for the transporters,
the shippers, etc. MDPC responds to any kind of HM (except radioactive and biohazard material) incident including but
not limited to leak, spill and fire. MDPC is responsible for incident management such as leak stoppages, spill containment, and HM
transfer operation at the site on behalf of the polluter.
MDPC organizes HM incident response teams at Yokohama and Kobe.
The teams stand by 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and cover certain areas where the teams arrive on the response vehicles within 6 hours.

Hazardous Material Safety Service (HMSS)

HMSS is an incident response service for HM storage facilities a nd container yard. The workers engaged in the facilities act as a specialist for HM handling.
However, they may not fully respond for the HM spill and fire.
The HM incident may have affected the facility workers and residents around the area. It might be a catastrophic incident.
Also the spill may trigger incompatible reaction. MDPC has specialists for HM incident and has special HM response equipment. MDPC has made a standby contract with storage facilities/ container yard and the specialists provide not only the actual spill response service but also provide training to the storage facilities employees in times of peace.

Land Disaster Safety Service (LDSS)

LDSS is an incident response service for inland petrochemical factories. If HM spill and fire occur at an inland factory, the spill immediately spreads through trenches, roads, rivers. In that case, the spill may generates health and environmental impact at totally different location from the source of spill. MDPC has made a standby contract with the inland petrochemical facilities and provides not only an incident response service but also HM trainings for the facility workers in times of peace.

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